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If you’re after a smart digital door lock system for your Perth residential or commercial property, Swan Lock Service has the solution for you. We offer competitive prices with a no-hidden cost guarantee. If you are interested in getting a quote for a digital smart lock system for your Perth home or business, please make an enquiry online or give us a call today!

Smart Digital Door Locks Perth – Installation Services

Between smartphones and smart homes, convenience and control are only a couple of steps away. Whether you’re looking for a fingerprint or keycode door lock, or a remote access entry system to keep your business safe, we’ve got a digital door-locking system for you.

With several different options available, we can offer you the latest and safest features in home smart security and convenience. Digital locks can be both electronic door lock systems or mechanical and deadbolt-based for that extra layer of security.

You have the choice to make carrying keys a thing of the past, with options for fingerprinting, Bluetooth and Wifi access, pin code, RFID access cards, secure smartphone unlocking, and the choice of a traditional key override if desired. This gives you all the benefits of a digital door lock, combined with tried and true deadbolt lock features.

Swan Lock Service provides our smart door lock installation services to residents and businesses throughout Perth, WA. With a wide range of digital door locks available, you can get a solution tailored to your specific circumstances and needs in terms of security, as well as compatibility with existing systems you may have.

If you’re unsure about which smart door lock system would be best for your home or business, or if you have any questions, please get in contact with our friendly team today.

Features – Smart Digital Door Lock Systems

Fingerprint Door Unlocking

Uses biometric technology to scan and recognise your unique fingerprint. These locks are user-friendly, convenient, and offer a high level of security.

Bluetooth & Wifi Access

With Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, you can lock and unlock doors remotely using a smartphone or other connected device. This allows for easy access, monitoring, and integration with existing smart home systems.

RFID Access

RFID (Radio frequency identification) allows you the option of keyless entry with a card or key fob to unlock your doors. This option allows for an easy balance of security and convenience.

Mechanical Key Override Options

With the rise in popularity of digital door locks, the option for a traditional key override is always available. This ensures you have a secure backup method of entry in case of emergencies or other issues.

Our range of top-of-the-line digital door locks on the market includes fingerprint door unlock, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi app access, PIN code, RFID card, and Mobile unlock. We also offer Mobile audit trails and the option for a mechanical key override. Swan Lock Service offers fully qualified, experienced digital lock installations throughout Perth, WA.

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Perth Smart Lock Installation FAQ

Digital locks are keyless entry systems that require proximity to the point of entry, whether you are using an RFID card, PIN code, or biometrics such as your fingerprint to enter. Smart door locks can be unlocked remotely from a distance via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or integrated within a smart home system for added security. All digital locks can be either traditional, deadbolt-based locks or electronic locks that can be locked and unlocked remotely.

Digital locks can be used completely keyless. Depending on which specific type of lock you choose, you can have a backup option for unlocking the door in emergencies, such as a PIN keypad. Smart locks can connect to a nearby Wi-Fi network and a trusted device (e.g. a smartphone) to unlock or lock your door without having to touch anything.

You only need a connection to your chosen device, which will require either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or “Z-wave” technology. In the case that you have a Wi-Fi-connected lock, you will need to connect your lock to your Wi-Fi network via a router. In other instances, you can use Bluetooth or “Z-wave” technology in place of the Wi-Fi connection. So no, it’s not always necessary and you can unlock a smart door lock without WiFi.

Both electronic locks and deadbolt-based locks are equally safe. There are certain advantages to these, as they provide ease of access, are extremely convenient, and can be compatible with existing smart home systems.

Digital locks run off battery power, which charges the LED lighting, wireless chips, and the motor (which does the actual locking and unlocking when activated externally).

Digital locks offer an increased level of security but tend to be more difficult to install. They require a Class 4 minimum Licensed security installer. These must be installed by a licensed locksmith professional as they require drilling into your door to install the lock. You cannot install these yourself. Swan Lock Service is fully qualified and experienced with digital and smart lock installations.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions about our digital smart door lock solutions and services. We also do free quotes for anyone located in Perth. For all unanswered questions or enquiries, please get in touch with us or give us a call on (08) 9328 3141 today.


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