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At Swan Lock Service, our experience and expertise in creating tailored master key systems are available to those in Perth looking for a higher level of security for their home or business. If you’re looking for a master key system installation, give us a call!


At Swan Lock Service, we have years of experience creating professional, custom tailored master key systems that suit your specific needs, for both your business and your home. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our premium restrictive key systems & master keying services.

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Master Keying Perth, WA Services

  • Do you want a higher level of security?

  • Do you need key control and auditing?

  • Do you have a number of doors you want controlled by individual keys?

  • Do you want to to control door access?

  • Do you need door and key hierarchy?

Master Keying involves a much higher level of security, with key and door control, access and auditing. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating tailored master key systems to your needs, whether it’s a master key system for your home or residential building , one thousand doors for your commercial buildings, we can create an advanced system that will give you total key and door management.

A master key system starts by us coming out to site and doing a site survey.

From here we will know what doors and locks you have and what specific products you require, from here we will create the system in close correspondence with you and what you need, and then finally install the system. All of our master key systems are kept on record, so you know exactly what keys operate what doors and the quantity of keys issued.

For your master key systems you will assign authorised personnel who can get keys cut and without authority from these personal we will not cut keys ensuring total key control. Contact us today for your new master key system! For further information on master key systems please visit our frequently asked questions below.


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Master Key System FAQ

A master key system is a set of locks set up within a system that allows for one key to open all the locks ( this is the master key ) and then sub keys (change keys) that individually opens single doors but will not operate all the doors like the master key does. The advantages of this is it provides access control. Master key systems can be simple and operate through two doors, or complex and operate through thousand of door expanding throughout different locations.

An example of a master key system is in the illustration below:

In this illustration

Grand Master Key full access throughout several building, or multiple outlets

Master Key full access throughout a single building
Sub Master Key for someone in charge of a department

Cleaners, maintenance, deliveries keys limited access to certain area’s only

Differ or servant Key staff member or tenant for installation

No all master key systems are registered and kept on record. You will assign  authorised personnel who can get keys cut. Keys will only be cut for these authorised personnel. If anyone else wants to get keys cut they will need to get permission from the authorised persons which we must receive also.

We can offer restricted master keying systems. A restricted master key system is a key which is a different shape and profile then a normal key. The restricted keys can not be duplicated by other companies and the restricted locks can not be picked open like a standard lock. There are different levels of restricted keying profiles ranging from low security all the way up to high security which can be used in government buildings and highly classified areas. We can provide you with the right level of security tailored to your needs. We are  Western Australia’s premium Assa Abloy dealer and specialise in all Assa Abloy products and systems.

Yes. We are able to re key your entire home so one key works all your locks eliminating bulky key chains and excessive keys.

We will look after the design of the master key system for you. Whether or not you know how you want your system set up , one of our highly skilled staff members will walk through and liaise with you from the design of the master key system right through to the installation and every step in between, insuring the systems is tailored to your specific needs

Yes. Our licensed technicians can gain entry into your property.  If you are locked out of your home contact us and we will have a member of our staff come out as fast as legally possible. Upon arrival an id check will be performed to ensure proof of residence. From here our locksmith will gain entry and get you back inside using specialised tools and skills. Gaining entry varys in price depending on how many locks there are, what types they are and the location. Our staff will provide you with a quote before the works is complete.

Master key systems vary in cost depending on the size of the system and the level of security you are after. Contact our team today and we can provide you with a quote to your unique master key system.

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