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Lost Your Keys? Need A Spare?

If you accidentally lost or misplaced your car keys and need a solution ASAP, Swan Lock Services are here to take care of you! Not only do we offer superior professionalism, but our experienced car key cutting service is also the cheapest car locksmith solution in town. Our mobile car locksmith services the entire Perth metro area.

Car Key Cutting

  • Have you lost your car key?

  • Is your car key snapped or broken?

  • Is your car key looking worn out and held together by tape?

  • Are car yards charging you a small fortune for a new key?

  • Do you just simply need a spare?

If you answered yes to any of these or have a car key concern, then you have come to the right place. Our Perth Locksmith Services are trustworthy and well reviewed, and we have the capabilities to be able to repair and make new car keys to suit various vehicles.

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Car Key Replacement FAQ

We answer many frequently asked questions about car key replacements right below, so for all your questions related to car keys, please refer to our FAQ.

A transponder is a small computer chip located inside the key that communicates with the cars engine control unit (ECU). When the key is inserted into the ignition the transponder code is sent to the engine control unit , it is then checked against the engine control unit records for a match.  If it is a match the car will start , if it is not a match the car will not start. Transponders are mandatory in all Australian cars since 2001 due to increased vehicle theft.

As of 1994 luxury vehicle companies such as Mercedes , BMW, Volvo and Volkswagen began installing transponders into their cars. In 1996 most Asian vehicle companies introduced transponders to their cars. As of 2001 98% of vehicles worldwide were fitted with transponders.  Majority of vehicles on Australian roads today are fitted with transponders.

At Swan Lock Service we have a number of ways to make your car keys. The process first involves cutting the key on precision cutting machines. The key can be cut to code from the original key or from a key code obtained from the car manufacturer. From here we then program your transponder using a range of diagnostic equipment.  If your key has a built in remote we then program the remote to the car once again using diagnostic equipment or on board programming procedures.

Yes. If your car has been stolen or if you have lost your keys a replacement key can be made without the need for a copy of the key.  At Swan Lock Service we can create new keys for a wide variety of vehicles, contact us today to create your new key

The whole process generally takes thirty minutes and can be done at our workshop located at 294 Newcastle Street Perth WA 6000 , alternatively we do have a mobile service that is available to come to you,  this is subject to the make and model of the car.

Car keys vary in price depending on the make and model of the car. Car keys with no transponders are between $18.00 – $30.00. Car keys with transponders can range from $100 up to $600 for genuine keys from car dealerships. We are here to help you and can make car keys at affordable prices compared to car dealerships. Prices range from $120 – $300 , all cars are different contact us today for a quote tailored to your vehicle.

For all your car key needs we are here to help. Contact us for all enquiries.

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    Excellent integrity shown when they offered to re-cut me a key rather than replacing the whole lock which I had thought I required. Great customer service and very efficient as well. Saved me a whole lot of money. Can’t thank them enough!

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